A major influence

Salvador Dali is present more than ever and still fascinates.

A luminary with legendary panache, he is one of the few artists who have had the most exhibitions dedicated to their work in the largest museums worldwide. Some of the most recent in London, New York, Los Angeles, Moscow, Osaka, Melbourne, and Istanbul drew crowds of all ages.

Diverse artists and designers from every discipline, such as Jeff Koons, Philippe Starck, Hervé van der Straeten, Serge Gainsbourg, Lady Gaga, and the Maison Lancel, claim him as a major influence.

And, Salvador Dali’s famous lips continue to inspire new designers with worldwide acclaim, especially in fashion and jewelry.

His unique creative daring and his so very modern visionary mind make him one of the most popular artists on the young cultural and contemporary art scene today.

Lady Gaga wears a Salvador Dali moustache at the premiere of new album!

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Lancel launches a dalinian collection

Lancel created in 1970 a collection of leather bags which are adorned with symbols designed by Salvador Dalí scholars and whose handle takes the form of a bicycle chain, symbol of unshakable link between the artist and his muse. Today, the luxury leather goods make again a tribute to this passion by republishing the collection Dalígramme.

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Lady Gaga borrows ideas from Salvador Dalí and his wife Gala!


Dalí's mustache finds new home on a Delta Plane

In celebration of the High’s new exhibition, “Dalí: The Late Work,” Delta has decked out a 757 plane with a Salvador Dalí-esque mustache.


Jeff Koons fan of Salvador Dalí

In the Show de Mars, "Lobster", a large plastic lobster made ​​in tribute to Salvador Dali. After the controversy, place to the public: the organizers of the exhibition Jeff Koons at Versailles in France said that this first weekend of this European artistic event was a real success.


Dalí inspires street artists


Pub Renault Megane : HEROES

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