The Daligramme Collection

The Daligramme Collection

Secret messages to Gala

Larger than life couple’s legend, Gala and Salvador Dalí devoted themselves an exclusive and unconditional love. This Collection of rare fragrances is inspired by the Daligrams, a lover’s secret alphabet created and dedicated by Dalí to Gala, to symbolize their symbiotic love.

These fragrances are an interpretation of this intense love. Eaux de Parfums imagined by talented women Perfumers - Mathilde Bijaoui, Amélie Bourgeois, Alexandra Carlin,Véronique Nyberg, Cécile Zarokian – as, intimate letters, six secret messages from Dalí to Gala.

The rectangular glass bottles adorned with Daligrams, shelter these divine scents, many of which are composed of rare natural raw materials.

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